For God gave us a SPIRIT not of FEAR, but of POWER and LOVE and SELF-CONTROL.
                                            2 Tim 1:7

To help you get your body Poolside Ready, we’re offering a special version of our Little Black Dress program – the Little Black Dress $500 Poolside Challenge – starting April 13th. Six weeks of awesome workouts, nutrition coaching and a community to support you will lead you to results that will help you ditch the coverup and capris this summer and beyond.

It's only $197 and for every pound you lose, you'll get a $5 credit your next Personally Fit program. 

This challenge goes way beyond the scale!!! The goal of this challenge is to lose the largest amount of body fat. The winner at the end of six weeks – May 24th – will get $500 in cash*! The second and third place winners will get a FREE Fit Bit!!

The fee to participate is just $197. This fee includes the 6-week Little Black Dress program and a special Starter Package to get your geared up!!

Current Skinny Jeans or Comfy Sweats members my pay the difference between their current program and the 6-week fee to participate.

Current Little Black Dress members may gain eligibility simply by adopting a friend into the program.

Click here for more details on the Little Black Dress program. This is the program that guarantees you'll lose 20 pounds in 90 days or less without complicated routines, counting calories, fat or points.
This Challenge is quite simple… just make sure you follow these few rules:
  • You must weigh in between April 13th and April 16th (There will be a fun kickoff workout on April 13th)
  • You must complete your final weigh in between May 25th and May 26th (Winner will be announced on May 27th)
  • You must have attended 18 classes during the 6 weeks of the Challenge (averages out to 3 classes/week)
  • You must be a current member on May 27th

That’s it! Follow those four simple rules and have lost the most body fat and you will be the winner of $500!

Sign up here or get more information by emailing dawn@PersonallyFit4Women.com or calling us at 337-989-LADY (5239) today.

* the amount of the grand prize may vary according to participation in the program.